Bandai Namco Releases Extended Gameplay of Mission 6 “Long Day”

Bandai Namco officially released extended gameplay of Mission 6 “Long Day” on their own YouTube channel after Gamescom 2018. This is by far the best gameplay footage I’ve personally seen so far. Notably, GameSpot’s footage (seen here) was presented by a particularly…unskilled player, if you will. Bandai Namco’s presentation on the other hand is quite good with Expert controls enabled and a few daredevil tactics as well. 

Bad Company, I can't deny...

The briefing in the beginning reveals quite a bit of the wartime attitude Osea will be taking on in this new entry. The protagonist and his wingmen are treated as literal cannon fodder for an assault on an Erusean stronghold. AWACS Bandog seems openly hostile and disliking of the pilots, a marked difference from other entries where AWACS generally shows care and concern for the pilot’s well-being. I am curious to see how Bandai Namco will proceed with this further on in the storyline.

Overall Technical Impressions

Once again, I’m impressed with the graphical detail. We don’t see as much of the cloud/icing gameplay mechanic as previous gameplay demos, but this air-to-ground mission definitely showcases other fine details in the game. Most notable for me was the destruction effects – for example, aircraft explode differently than a oil tank and continue burning long after they are destroyed. The ground looks greatly detailed compared to other games in the genre and I noticed very little FPS drops. It is untold what platform this demo was played on, so performance may be different between the three platforms. 

Either way, it looks like Bandai Namco has spent their development time wisely and I am confident we are in for a fantastic game come January 2019.

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