Ace Combat 7 Long Day Gameplay

Bandai Namco Releases Extended Gameplay of Mission 6 “Long Day”

Bandai Namco officially released extended gameplay of Mission 6 “Long Day” on their own YouTube channel after Gamescom 2018. This is by far the best gameplay footage I’ve personally seen so far. Notably, GameSpot’s footage (seen here) was presented by a particularly…unskilled player, if you will. Bandai Namco’s presentation on the

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Scarface Emblem

Welcome to the relaunch of Ace Combat Online

Ace Combat Online has been a project of mine for over a decade now. Unfortunately, time constraints and technological obstacles have forced me in the past to shut down the website. Now with a brand new website/graphic editing setup and the upcoming launch of Ace Combat 7, I couldn’t think

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The Latest Ace Combat 7 Trailer

Launch Countdown


PlayStation 4/Xbox One:
January 18, 2019

February 1, 2019

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